Empty Shelves, Severe Shortages And Widespread Crop Failures Are Ahead In The Fall Of 2021

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Morale is plummeting all across the nation and the latest events are only making the overall mood of our society increasingly sour. Just as we thought it was finally ending, the health crisis is starting to become a major concern once again. At the same time, the Afghanistan crisis is probably the greatest embarrassment in modern American history, and it’s making Biden’s approval sink like a rock as it becomes clear that he is completely incompetent and extremely impulsive when it comes to making important decisions. And very soon Americans will be even more stressed out about the consequences of his reckless measures because as fall months approach, more shortages will emerge, and our store shelves are going to get significantly emptier, especially considering that supply chain problems are just one factor contributing to the lack of everyday products. It looks like we’re also headed to a very bad harvest season. Unfortunately, this is what the new normal looks like, and it’s not as rosy as most people were expecting.
Data released by the Department of Agriculture suggested that we might lose a big part of our spring wheat harvest this fall due to dry weather conditions. About 63% of the U.S. spring wheat crop is in poor or very poor condition, versus 6% at this time last year. This means that our agricultural production isn’t going to meet expectations and our domestic food supply chain will be just as strained as the global food supply chain.
Global hunger will continue to spread and rapidly grow, and that’s extremely concerning because global hunger has already been rising at a very alarming rate. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, global hunger increased by 118 million people in 2021, the highest increase since 2006. And now that disasters and rising prices are preventing large populations from accessing food supplies, food insecurity is spreading like a virus. According to the UN food agency’s price index, which measures a basket of cereals, oilseeds, dairy products, meat, and sugar, world food prices rose 33.9% year-on-year in June. The UN Food Agency highlighted that the global food price index hit the highest level since 2011. Moreover, food insecurity increased by 40% compared to a year ago.
Although many Americans still think our country might be immune to this sort of unrest, they should start thinking twice and preparing for the worse now that even the vice President is warning of imminent shortages at the stores. While she was in Singapore this week, Kamala Harris specifically cautioned us about what is coming in the next few months. “The stories that we are now hearing about the caution that if you want to have Christmas toys for your children, it might now be might be the time to start buying them, because the delay may be many, many months,” she said. It’s safe to say that when Kamala Harris starts sounding just like doomsday preppers, then you know that things are about to get really ugly.
At this point, empty shelves and widespread shortages are already being reported all over the nation. Some reports have been compiling photos sent by people from around the country showing us empty shelves, signs informing customers about product shortages and purchasing limits, and proving without a doubt that these shortages are not going away, and are in fact, getting worse by the day. The photos also prove that this is not a phenomenon that is just occurring in a few areas. It’s everywhere in the country, and sadly, this is just the beginning.
The coming holiday season is expected to dramatically worsen the shortages, and supply chain woes are only becoming more widespread. Several grocery stores are panic-buying food to ensure inventory, but the situation has spiraled out of control and it has gotten to a point where the largest U.S. food distributors simply cannot fulfill all of the orders. According to Bloomberg, some of the largest U.S. food distributors are “reporting difficulties in fulfilling orders as a lack of workers weighs on the supply chain.”
The price increases we are about to see will reach absurd levels very quickly. If you’re a subscriber to our channel, you probably won’t be surprised by this because we have been sharing warnings that this would happen for months. But most Americans will be absolutely shocked by the new reality they’re about to face, and we can only assume that more panic and chaos will sweep across our stores once they realize that shortages will persist for much longer than they were expecting. Sadly, a big part of the population is still thinking that a great era of prosperity is right at the corner, but they will soon realize that what is coming for us is a terrible nightmare.”

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